Happy International Artists Day and Happy Birthday!

Arely Demetrio Palacios, Staff writer

Max Delgadillo said that he likes that his birthday is on a National Artists’ Day because he can relate to it. He likes art, especially modern art. One of his artistic talents is cooking.

While the art of cooking is one of his passions, he is also passionate about law. He wants to go to Chico State and eventually get a degree in that subject.

Another Armijo student born on National Artists’ Day is Josue Jimenez. He also likes that his birthday falls on this special day, but more importantly, he said that his favorite comic book was released that day, but not the same year. As for art, his preferred styles are Realistic and Surrealism, styles that he finds more interesting than others.

Jiminez did not actually know that his birthday was on a National Artists’ Day he said that knowing so made him feel important, but maybe not as important as a the birthday of someone he considers a friend. He referred to December 25, and referenced his friend Jesus.

Several other students share this birthday. Check out the slide show to see who will celebrating on Friday, October 25.

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