Volleyball here and there


Kayla Aguarin

Khalia reaches for the sky whenever she plays volleyball.

Kayla Rhodes, People Editor

Khalia Reyes is the captain of the captain of Armijo High School volleyball team, but she has been playing the sport since she was in 5th grade.

“All my friends were joining {volleyball}, so I decided to join with them,” she said. “They were saying I was good or something and I believed them.” All her friends outside of school play volleyball and her entire family plays volleyball, and her involvement is not limited to playing for Armijo. “I play club volleyball also, and this is going to be my year because I’m not going to play my senior year”.

When she was about 12, she said that she was playing club volleyball and her team won the game, a game that led them to nationals. That is one of Reyes’ favorite memories of the sport.

Being on the team is not always easy. “I think it’s a kind of pressure because I’m the coach’s daughter and I always have to be like one of the best,” she said. “It sucks when you’re not because you can be talked about.”

While Reyes enjoys volleyball, she has played other sports as well. She used to swim and practice karate. If she could play any other sport regularly, it would be basketball. “It’s an inside sport,” she said. “I don’t like outside sports.” She said that it is not the sport that makes it fun, but hanging out with her friends and teammates. She also likes to read a lot.

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