Athlete hits the court off-campus, too


Jalen makes decisions on basketball courts around the county.

Alaila Morris, Sports Editor

At 6’2”, Jalen Moore is a natural on the basketball court and he likes the sport so much that he is playing at Armijo as well as on a club team. Moore started playing when he was three years old. Even at that age, he realized that football was a dangerous sport, and basketball was more his speed. According to Moore, there are several pros to being on a basketball team: getting to travel, meeting new people, and playing against different teams.But it is not all good. “It takes up a lot of my spare time and injury risks are kind of scary,” said Moore.

For this active student, playing off-campus basketball is even better than the playing for the school team because it’s less pressure. Whether on or off-campus, though, Moore has lots of friends among his teammates.

“I plan to continue playing in the future and possibly make it to the NBA like James Harden,” said Moore. “He’s my favorite player.” While he plans to attend Duke University in North Carolina, Moore believes that he will play professionally for whatever team signs him. Moore’s other hobbies are drawing, playing video games, and watching anime.

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