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Application Deadlines are November 1st!

Application Deadlines are November 1st!

Alina Math, Classes & Craft; Clubs editor

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In Providence, Rhode Island there is a private school called Rhode Island School of
Design, or RISD. This college has been ranked over and over, according to Wikipedia,
among “the best educational institutions in the world for art and design.” It offers
completely full-time bachelors and masters degree programs.
RISD shares students with Brown University and those who sign up for classes at RISD
can also attend Brown as well.
While it is a small school (only about 2,000 undergraduates and fewer than 500
graduates), they do offer some sports, including hockey. As an art college, RISD knew
that they would need to stand out, so in 2001, they unofficially adopted an interesting
mascot. You can find out more about it here: (It is
#2 on the list).
Attending RISD is not cheap. Before financial aid, it can cost over $50,000 per year.
Even with financial assistance, it can be over $40,000 per year, but the graduation rate
is 87% and the acceptance rate to get in is 34%. They are looking at students who
maintain a GPA higher than 3.73.
RISD prides itself on being unique and they have amazing art designs made by young
students, so if you’re into different type of art, RISD is the place for you!

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