Ms. Redondo: Life of becoming an art teacher


Ms. Redondo is always ready to share her talent and her knowledge.

Precious Ndama, Staff writer

When Ms. Marita Redondo was younger, she used to teach art in her tree house to all kids in her neighborhood. This is what made her want to be an art teacher. Ms. Redondo said that teaching has always been very entertaining to her. She says the most enjoyable thing about art is that it’s infinite and it is always exciting to do.

Ms. Redondo has been teaching art for eight years. She attended San Diego State and has a bachelor’s degree in visual and performing arts, has a master’s degree in cross- cultural education, and she also got a few certificates from UCSD (University of California San Diego) and UCSB (University of Santa Barbara) for digital art.

Ms. Redondo said that being an art teacher can be a little stressful sometimes due to the fact that in costs money to get art supplies. Another stressful thing about being an art teacher, she said, is when students think art is not important and don’t try their best. Ms. Redondo‘s advice for people entering the art education profession is to enjoy teaching and be very passionate about the subject.

Ms. Redondo`s favorite artist is Paul Gauguin because he loved to paint Tahitians and she does, too. She traveled to Tahiti and painted a variety of Tahitian women. Art pieces that mean a lot to her are Frida Kahlo´s self-portraits because Kahlo was able to express the pain in her life and express herself through art.

Art is something that everyone should learn about because it allows people to experiment a lot to see what works and that you learn from your mistakes, according to Ms. Redondo. She also said that, when people learn art they can look at things from a different objectives and points of views.

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