Environmental Studies Class Learns Through Hands-on Experience

Peytonia Slough Ecological Reserve view of the marsh.

Ryan Manit, Staff Writer

At the beginning of October, Ms. Kimberly Carter’s Environmental Systems and Societies classes took a break from the hustle and bustle of the school day to visit the Suisun Wildlife Rescue Center.

The reserve is incredibly beautiful, although the conditions that surround the area are terrible. Trash, waste, e-waste, and electrical structures pollute the area with their dangerous particles spreading into the environment, polluting food sources for the animals. These animals suffer from starvation and face dangerous conditions that could harm them both physically and internally. This leads to the harming of their respiratory system.

The Suisun Wildlife Rescue Center is a reserve to protect the local wildlife, such as its animals and plants. Although this is a reserve that prevents a lot of human interaction, it still has a massive amount of trash and waste left behind. This means that the environment is vulnerable to trash that is disposed of within the area surrounding the reserve. This can be avoided if people clean up after themselves by disposing waste in a nearby trash or recycling can.

This is a massive problem for our ecosystem and can be avoided, but not fully disposed of, as we have damaged our planet too much to the point to where our efforts will not be enough. The environment deserves so much more than these conditions.

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