Senior Assembly recap emphasizes upcoming deadlines


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The tassle is worth the hassle, but it's easier when you meet the deadlines.

Mr. Brad Burzynski, Assistant Principal

Students should be checking their school email 2-3 times per week for important senior year information!

Caps, Gowns, Announcements

On October 3 and 4, Jostens will be on campus for students to order the caps & gowns as well as any graduation announcements, jewelry or clothing they would like.

*They will take cash, check or credit card information printed on the order form.

Thursday, October 3rd: Last Name A-L

Friday, October 4th: Last Name M-Z

If you are ordering the cap & gown ONLY, it will be $45. You will still pay the sales tax which is 8.375% but you will not pay shipping on the cap & gown ONLY order. Your order will come out to exactly $48.77 with tax included. *All orders involving announcements, jewelry or clothing will have shipping added to the total.

Gown color does not matter by gender. Gowns will be either yellow or purple. If you are wondering what has been “historically done,” boys have traditionally ordered purple and girls have ordered yellow…but you will select the color you want to wear. Please be thoughtful in your decision, there are no switches after order.

Senior Photos

Collegiate Studios is the official photography company for the Armijo Yearbook. If you would like your senior photo in the yearbook, you will need to book an appointment with them to have at least one photo taken. You do not have to buy the bulk of your photos through Collegiate, however, in order to be in the yearbook, the photo needs to come from them.

*They do have FREE/Reduced sessions available for “yearbook only” photos

Key dates for senior photos:

You need to have your appointments made/booked before November 23. Your photo session can be after that, however, the appointment must be made by the deadline.

You will need to choose your photo for the yearbook (done online) by the time we go on Winter Break on December 20.

Collegiate Studios is located in Vacaville and can be contacted at 707-469-1200. (Best hours to call are 11am-3pm)

Senior Panoramic (group) photo:

During the assembly, we took a large senior group panoramic photo. Everyone was given an envelope to order. If you did not get one or lost yours, there are more in the Treasurer’s office.

Please turn in panoramic/group photo orders by this Friday, October 4 to the treasurer if you’d like to buy one.  The photo will also be in the yearbook.

Here are some key photos of what you will need to order:

A Lot of your orders can be done online!

Link to order cap & gown online: Jostens – Armijo

Link to order yearbook online: Armijo Yearbook – Jostens

If you have any questions, please contact the following staff:

Yearbook Questions: [email protected]

Senior Panoramic: [email protected]

Cap & Gown, Announcement, Jewelry Questions:

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