Skate for Change wants new socks


Donations can be collected from classes by Leadership students or dropped off in the Armijo Library.

Mr. Casey Towner, Leadership adviser

Skate for Change is an organization that collects donations in the form of supplies and ventures out to the community days to personally deliver these things to our local communities homeless population. A group of 20+ students meets approximately every month to make this happen!

This month is “Socktober.” We will be collecting socks to deliver to those in need at the end of the month. If you would like to support the cause, please let Mr. Towner in AG-5 know and someone will come around to pick up anything you are willing to donate! Socks can also be dropped off in the bin in the library.

While it is Socktober, we also are in need of any other warm clothes as the winter months are approaching!

The leadership class will hit the streets on Saturday, October 26 to deliver all of the supplies we collect to the homeless community and those in need. We encourage students, teachers, and all others to come out on this day to see what kind of an impact we as individuals can have! Depending on the amount of students and staff that show up, we will spread out on several different routes to hit Fairfield in an attempt to truly make an impact!

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