Athlete focus: On the run year round

Marian on her feet.

ID photo

Marian on her feet.

Julia Inks, Staff Writer

Cross country can be a challenging sport. Runners have to go long distances over rugged terrain. They have meets when the weather is hot, and they have meets when the weather is wet. There are no excuses in cross country.

Marian Supapo is a freshman and she likes to run, so she’s a good fit for the sport. She enjoys track and has the endurance to fulfill the requirements of cross country.

She said that being on the team has been a really good experience for her first semester in high school and the people on the team have been very welcoming. Supapo is excited for what the rest of the seasons offer in the upcoming years and hopes to run track in the spring. She also plans to play basketball in the winter.

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