Kairi finds volunteering to be rewarding and memorable

Kairi has grown emotionally and spiritually through volunteering.

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Kairi has grown emotionally and spiritually through volunteering.

Andrea Rodriguez, Staff writer

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Kairi De La Cruz is only 16-years old, but she already has the biggest heart and sets an example to others her age.

De La Cruz is a popular volunteer at First Christian Church, something she’s been doing since she was 10 years old. Her first volunteer work was feeding the homeless on Christmas Day. She remembers this day well. “A lot of the homeless people that did come, they didn’t believe in God, I was 10 years old back then and we had this little skit that we would do,” she said. “I remember being nervous about how they’d react, but at the end they were all so happy and I was like OMG, I’m teaching them.

De La Cruz enjoys volunteering and helping around at church. She says those who she has helped always had bright smiles at the end of the day. For her, that is her reward. Not only does De La Cruz volunteer more than once a month but she is also in Leadership and helps organize school events. “Whatever they need help with,” she said.

Although students often volunteer because they are forced to by their parents or because they want school credit, De La Cruz volunteers and devotes her time because volunteering to her is a beautiful way to become closer to God, and give back to her community.