It’s happening at the Sacramento Zoo


The Sacramento Zoo isn't just for children!

Morgan Irwin, Staff writer

The hustle and bustle of daily life easily distracts people from the natural world. Walking a dog gets a person out to see maybe a bird or lizard, but this industrialized world simply does not allow animals and humans to live in unison. So, the next best option to the wilderness is visiting a local zoo.

The Sacramento Zoo features animals of great variety. About 125 rare and endangered species call Sacramento Zoo their home, and Sacramento Zoo doesn’t take that for granted, showing their animals utmost care, ensuring that their lives are just as if they were born into the wild.

A few notable species the Sacramento Zoo cares for are the Coquerel’s Sifaka. A primate one may recognize as the same species as Zoboomafoo from the Kratt Brothers famous show. Locals can also check out the Eastern Bongo, a critically endangered mammal that the Sacramento Zoo is trying their best to protect.

There are species one may recognize more easily, too, like otters drifting down a lazy river and giraffes tearing at the leaves of the tallest trees. It doesn’t stop there! Reptiles and birds are other fascinating animals the zoo presents. Guests can watch the Madagascar Big-Headed Turtle snack or the Himalayan Monal flutter its magnificent feathers. The possibilities are endless!

Sacramento Zoo takes pride in their mission to help rehabilitate and preserve these beautiful creatures. Students are encouraged to support and visit a local zoo soon!

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