In this class: Sports Medicine


Nick Eller, Staff writer

The field of Sports Medicine is very important to the sports industry. Those who specialize in it keep athletes in tip top shape and healthy. There are sports physicians who handle a multitude of injuries and physical therapy.

Armijo High School is one of many secondary schools where students can study sports medicine and learn how to deal with sports related injuries. Those who enjoy the class may want to pursue it as a focus for college at some of the California schools like UCLA or UC Davis, both of which offer degrees that focus on Sports Medicine so people can learn to be nutritionists, athletic trainers, or physical therapists. People like these are vital to any amateur or professional athletes so they can have a successful and healthy career, or maybe help them after an injury so they can recover and come back to the level they were at before or even exceed that level.

Armijo’s Sports Medicine class is taught by Mr. Joey Sova in the Health room. The class focuses on anatomy, nutrition and explanations of performance enhancements. These lessons are meant to help the athletes at Armijo reach their full potential physically and in some cases mentally. They also help the students focus on potential careers.

Those who want to know more about the Sports Medicine class can contact Mr. Sova, who is happy to answer any questions regarding the topic.

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