DVD review: A tear jerker about a dedicated dog



As a gold retreiver , now named Bailey , comes back to his owner Ethan without Ethan knowing it´s his past dog.

Julia Inks, Staff Writer

Over two years ago, in January 2017, America was introduced to A Dog’s Purpose, a touching movie that addresses the life of a dog who is reincarnated over and over again, and the humans he teaches to laugh and love.

Reincarnated as multiple different dogs in the span of about 50 years. In the beginning, he starts as a stray mutt named Toby, and that is where the emotional pathway is created. Toby is euthanized, but comes back as a Golden Retriever who is named Bailey by his new owner, a boy named Ethan. The dog and the owner develop an unbreakable bond, but time goes on and so does Bailey.

The story takes us through many incarnations of the dog, as a German Shepherd named Ellie who works as a police dog. Next, he comes back as a Corgi named Tino and then as a St. Bernard mix named Buddy, who just happens to know the same tricks that Ethan taught Bailey years before.

Through a series of coincidences worth watching, Buddy / Bailey comes back to Ethan, now a grown man, and helps him through some emotional crises. It is worth watching but may be challenging for some dog lovers as a dog cannot be reincarnated unless he dies and this happens to each version of the dog. The question that the movie attempts to answer is “What is a dog’s purpose?” and it does it as it pulls the heartstrings time and time again.

For those who love this type of movie, and those who fall in love with the characters, there is a sequel, A Dog’s Journey. That movie was released in theaters in May 2019 and just came out on DVD and Blue-ray on August 20. If you just can’t get enough of sweet puppies, be sure to check both of the movies out. Pick a day between October 1 and October 7 and tell your friends and family you are watching in honor of National Walk Your Dog Week. You won’t regret it!

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