In this class: Beyond Spanish I

The upper level Spanish classes are culturally informative. Students who reach these levels are sure to learn something of value beyond the basic vocabulary and sentence structure of the language.

One of many influential Spanish teachers who instructs the class in A-Hall is Mr. Maurice Manning. “I am currently teaching Spanish 3 and Spanish 2 Honors. I have been teaching Spanish for nine years and what motivates me is the way I enjoy watching students learning the language, he said.

Many who intend to take a language subject may assume that it is difficult, especially knowing that there will be upcoming tests, but there’s more to Spanish class than just tests. “We do many more in this class than just classwork and homework assignments,” said Mr. Manning. We actually do oral presentations, reading essays, video projects, and focus a lot on cultures from different places such as Spain and Mexico.”

Even though Spanish is full of many beneficial elements, is it recommended to take a language class? “I definitely encourage students to take a language class. For example, here in the state of California we will all come to a point where we will encounter and approach a non-English speaker and that is where the second language will come in beneficial,” Mr. Manning said. Also, many countries contain a lot of beauty within them that would be a great opportunity for one to go out and recognize the different cultures and traditions they share. A second language can be very beneficial!”

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