Senior Spotlight: The senior year has just begun, but it will go fast!

In his fourth year at AHS, An is looking into the future.

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In his fourth year at AHS, An is looking into the future.

Alaina Guerrero, Staff writer

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It seems like An Vuong was just an Armijo freshman, but now he is graduating in June! Although freshman year was his favorite and the easiest year he had, he is looking forward to senior year. One thing he enjoys about senior year is reflecting on the past years of high school and he can see how each one is different. Every year at Armijo has been memorable here and he said that he is surprised the time has passed by so fast.

When he graduates he plans on going to college at University of California Irvine (UCI). He is not excited to graduate so soon, but he knows that he has great plans for the future and there is more in life than high school.

While Vuong has not participated in any of Armijo’s sports teams, he did participate in band. He enjoyed that class so much, saying that it is his favorite elective. He has become very close with the teacher, Ms. Louise Jacob, who he considers his favorite staff member!

Vuong’s favorite academic subject is English. He enjoys that class a lot and said that he is going to miss it when he leaves.

As much as this has become another home to him, he is ready to go off into the real world and see how much more there is other than high school.

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