Parking Permits offered on a limited basis

Rachael Juarez, Staff writer

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Licensed drivers must know the rules of the road, and some of those rules involve parking a vehicle. Sometimes we do need a parking permit in order to park in a certain place. Such is the case for those who choose to park in the lot at Armijo High School.

The Armijo High School Parking Permit is a tag that identifies what space the vehicle can be put in and only a select number of spaces are available. Parking permits are used by school staff (teachers, principals, office secretaries, counselors, etc.) and select students. Priority goes to seniors and there are some limitations. Visitor spots are available for parents and others who need to do business at school.

A parking permit must be attached to the rearview mirror. Cars that are reported to be in the wrong spot or do not bear a permit run the risk of being towed. For Armijo High School students, the permit is valid for the entire school year unless the student has failed to maintain the requirements.

While the spaces are currently reserved, a waitlist is available for when new spaces are available. A student ID card is required to pick up an application.

Applications are available from the treasurer’s office and require a signature from a parent/guardian approve, with a copy of the driver’s license, registration and insurance stapled to it.

The treasurer’s office is open Monday through Friday before school beginning at 7:30 am, passing periods, lunchtime and after school until 3:30 pm. Once approved, students can pick up a Parking Permit to attach to their rearview mirror.

Since many large organizations require parking permits, it is not unusual to have them at a high school, but fortunately they are free here. At Solano Community College, however, students may pay $32 for a pass that is valid for one semester or $2 for a day pass.

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