In This Class: Multimedia – from class to program


Lunabella Peralta, Events editor

The Multimedia Academy at Armijo is geared towards students who are interested in following a career path in digital arts. The program prepares students in all school subjects by relating them to the main topic of multimedia. The program tries to create a real commercial experience by partnering with the community and taking field trips where guest speakers will be featured. By having these experiences students get inspired and learn more about the field of multimedia.

Students in the Multimedia Academy learn skills throughout the program that will help them in their future career. Their technological talents grow as they learn in a creative environment with their classmates.

One of the most popular classes in the Academy is the Multimedia class. In this class, students learn the ins and outs of broadcasting and prepare the daily bulletin. They practice skills involving media recording and digital computer projects. Because all students have access to the school’s bulletin via YouTube, and Multimedia’s catchy sign-off of “AHS News, no space,” students are very aware of what goes on in front of the camera, but students in Multimedia also get to see what goes on behind the scenes.

For more information about the Multimedia Academy, go to Armijo High School website.

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