Siblings can be part of the learning experience at Armijo

Roman Mapanoo, Staff writer

Roy Johnson is enjoying his last year in high school, but his sister Tori is just starting. Sharing this campus is a new experience for these siblings. Although Tori thinks that experience is cool, Roy thinks it is funny. “I think it’s just funny because she’s my sister,” he said.

While he is amused by seeing his little sister become a high school student, he said that it was still pretty cool having her on campus. They sometimes run into each other by chance and, when they do, they say “Hi” and hug, at least according to Tori.

In some ways, even though they have differences in age, gender and friends, they also have many thing in common. For instance, they both play sports. Tori plays basketball, while Roy plays football. They both believe they had the better grades last year than in the past.

Arguing between the two siblings is minimal. Tori said, “I don’t think my mom has favorites,” but Roy, on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

With nearly ten students at Armijo sharing the last name Johnson, it is likely that most people have not considered them being siblings, but they don’t mind sharing that information. It’s all part of their Armijo experience.

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