At Work: Screen printing is an art and a science

Mia Lozano, Staff writer

According to, screen printing is a “method in which ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed (substrate)… also called serigraphy.”

Jesse Rushing, one of the co-owners of Loyalty Designs, has been in the screenprinting business for about 25 years, but his job is more than just making shirts and sweaters. He is also a graphic designer, web designer, and more.

One day, Rushing came across a teen named Tyron Goudau. He was the brother of one of the co-owners, but they didn’t just hire him for that reason. They discovered that he had a lot of talent in screenprinting.”My favorite part of the job is being able to watch an idea turn into a shirt and I want to have my own clothing line one day,” Goudau said.

This teen, who currently serves primarily as an apprentice, spends much of his working time doing some of the lower-level tasks, like cleaning the screens and stacking the shirts, but all that of his hard work has paid off when they met rappers, who are customers for the business, like D-Shot, Mr. Fab, Mozzy, Philthy Rich, Baby Bash, and others.

Loyalty Designs has discovered talent in a teen apprentice.


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