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BurgerIM in Fairfield is small, but their menu is pretty big, and very yummy!

BurgerIM in Fairfield is small, but their menu is pretty big, and very yummy!

Madison Irwin, Staff writer

Burger IM has some of the best quality food I’ve had in Fairfield, and they have many options on the menu for different types of people: vegan, vegetarians, and plenty of meat options. If you want to go the healthier route you can have their chicken breast patties, and still have the full experience of a regular burger.

They have the best varieties and have the best deals by far. You can order a family box of eight burgers and a side for $34.99, or a party box of sixteen burgers, with patties of your choice of meats, for $44.99. These gourmet burgers are by far the best in town.

When you go here to give your taste buds a ride, there are classic size burgers, which you can buy in duos or trios for cheap, and you get to customize the patties. There are also ⅓ and ¼ pound burgers if you’re really hungry. The workers are very friendly so you don’t have to worry about taking too long to decide what you want; they’ll understand that there are lots of delicious items to choose from.

The only problem with Burger IM is the location. The parking lot is crammed and very inconvenient and the restaurant is squished between many other businesses, making it quite hard to find. I’ve been to other Burger IMs and they were loaded with people, unlike this one. Despite this inconvenience, the customer service is amazing, the workers are likeable and extremely easy to talk to. The food comes out fast, but is made with quality and care. Burger IM’s atmosphere is welcoming and clean.

I would recommend Burger IM for any occasion; the food’s great and it’s totally worth the parking lot fiasco in so many ways.

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