CD review: Haters Gonna Hate

Popular music stays popular over the years.

Popular music stays popular over the years.

Gabriel Zanipatin, from The Armijo Signal January 2015

In her latest album (Note: She has released Reputation since this article was originally written), Taylor Swift dismisses the haters and develops a sound all her own that has fans captivated more than ever. 1989 proves to be a true gem in today’s music, already selling millions of copies and hitting # 1 in charts worldwide.

The album, titled after her birth year, establishes a reminiscent feel that Swift has never attempted before, displaying the personality Swift adds to her music. But what is it about the album that has propelled it to its current success? Of course Swift delivers some highly catchy lyrics – “Shake it Off” comes to mind – but the true creation is in the lyrics. With a variation of topics that touch on self-confidence, relationships, dreams, addictions, and traveling. Swift is diverse in her storytelling as she manages to be relatable in just about any situation, which has been her strength throughout her entire career. Not only that, but 1989 offers a mix of upbeat anthems inspiring you to dance along with the music and emotional ballads that will have you in tears. Additionally, the album shows a mature side to Swift’s artistry as her lyrics reflect a more serious tone, while still producing the commercial elements we all know Taylor Swift for.

The main message Swift conveys in this beautifully-crafted album is for individuals to be themselves, which has been a constant in her music throughout the years. Through motivational and inspiring quotes and lyrics, she is able to give fans the support they much desire. 1989 is perfect for any music lover looking for catchy beats, dreamy lyrics, playful topics, and a commercial masterpiece all wrapped into one personalized package. This is easily an album that has earned a 10/10.

Stand-out Songs: Welcome to New York, All You Had to Stay, I Wish You Would, How You Get The Girl, & Clean.

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