Book review: Preparing for the future, from Armijo’s past

Timeless information for future success.

Timeless information for future success.

Ilaisaane Lasike from The Armijo Signal (April 2009)

There’s no better time than now for teens to start preparing for the future and Effective Networking for Professional Success by Rupert Hart is just the book to get one started.

This book tells how a person can be self-employed and work on his or her own time. It gives step-by-step instructions on how to grow a business and earn money with less effort.

First, the book explains how to prepare mentally and physically. Next, it provides techniques to show how to grow a business and have close business partners. It explains that people can also reach targeted individuals in two ways: directly or indirectly and offers little techniques that would help little businesses grow into huge companies.

Earning money is a concern for many people, especially as graduation draws closer by days, months or years. This book encourages readers not to worry because those who are confident about business are generally successful. It teaches readers how to take small loans and progress from there, giving step-by-step illustrations of what is to come.

This book is explains things very clearly, telling how to make money and teaching about business.

(NOTE – This book, like this review, is over ten years old and, while the information is good, there are probably better sources, especially for young adults considering venturing into business.)

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