Powderpuff Draws Excitement, Fun

Adamari Delgado, Staff writer

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On May 17, Armijo High School hosted a football event, but the roles were switched. Instead of the boys playing on the field and the girls cheering from the sidelines, it was the freshman girls who faced a challenge against sophomore girls, and the junior girls faced a challenge against senior girls. In the meantime, boys decked out in typical cheer outfits drew the attention of the crowd to get them stirred up and excited.

Despite the fact that it was quite chilly, things in the game got quite heated. As the fierce football players played for their win, the crowd received performances and cheers from the Armijo Dragons, which were the cheerleading squad for the juniors, and the Armijo Black Lightning, which were the cheerleading squad for the seniors! Throughout the game, Jaime Rodriguez managed to successfully capture the enthusiasm that was not only on the field but as well throughout the proud crowd.

Overall, the Powderpuff game was a total success! No L’s were taken, just wins. Until next year Armijo!

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