Armijo’s Salutatorian is an All-Around Great Guy!


Royce is trading in the Armijo Indian to represent Handsome Dan, the Yale Bulldog.

“Although it was never a specific goal of mine, it felt satisfying [to be named Salutatorian of the Class of 2019] – as if every moment that I spent in the classroom and all of the help (and inexhaustible patience) of my teachers has led up to this accomplishment,” said Royce Guo, the student with the second highest grade point average in the graduating class. His role in graduation is to deliver the Pledge of Allegiance and he plans to do it with the same level of commitment that he has given to his other roles over the years.

While Guo has been an outstanding student, his involvement in the community has gone far beyond the work in the classroom. “I’m most proud of my advocacy in the City of Fairfield through the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Group and Measure P Oversight Committee, where I’ve been able to observe first-hand how economics can be used to solve tangible, difficult issues such as homelessness and youth crime,” he said. “I founded Fairfield Moneyminds and I’ve been involved in Journalism, Key Club, Site Council, and Varsity Men’s Golf. I’ve also spent much of my time helping to run my family’s small business.”

Guo is planning to take his interests and experiences to Yale University where he plans to study Economics. He is considering pursuing further education in law school or business school. “Perhaps a JD-MBA is my calling?” he said. “I aspire to use economics to create a more equitable world, be it through legislation, advocacy, or philanthropy.” One of his dreams is to increase financial literacy education at all levels. “I believe it would be a significant first step in reducing socioeconomic disparity,” said Guo.

“Meditation is a big part of my life and I enjoy taking the weekend to drive out of town to a new bookstore or an indie movie theater,” he said. He also enjoys listening to podcasts ranging from true crime to comedy.

“I want to thank my mother, a woman who has reinvented herself countless times. A gymnast turned professional dancer turned American entrepreneur, she has taught me countless lessons. Nothing would be possible without her,” Guo said.

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