Siblings: Today, Three, but in Fall, Just Two


When Elena Sanchez-Vasquez leaves Armijo, her family will still be well represented. Her brother, Rigoberto and her sister Indhira still have some time to go before they are off to college, but Elena is starting that journey in the fall.

“After graduation, I’m planning to go to college,” she said. “I want to be a nurse.” While she intends to start her college career at Solano Community College, she has not always been a California girl. “I want to Mount Vernon High School, out of state,” said Elena. “I’m grateful to have my siblings with me on campus and share with them what I know and share my experience with them so they can think positive things and do great at school.” She has shared her experiences, and her advice, with both Rigoberto and Indhira, recommending teachers to them and reminding them that the worst thing is making mistakes and skipping classes.

Rigoberto and Indhira also enjoy having their siblings on campus and they take advantage of the opportunity to share information and help each other out, just like they did at Mount Vernon High School, and before that at Mount Baker Middle School, both in Washington state.

Like his sister Elena, Rigoberto intends to go to a community college after he graduates. He’s interested in many things and is considering becoming a teacher. “I’m interested in music and studies,” he said. Indhira is also considering becoming a guitar teacher. All three of these current Armijo students enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and playing music or singing, but they each have other interests as well.

“I’m involved in clubs in preparation for college,” said Rigoberto. Elena said that she likes to play basketball while Indhira said that she is hoping to join the volleyball team next year. She also likes playing basketball and soccer.

There are two younger siblings who may attend Armijo in a few years. Abigail is a preteen and Aureliano is a kindergartner.

When asked what their siblings might say about them, the girls had plenty to say. “I want them to say that I am a happy and funny girl,” said Indhira. “And that I like to listen to music and that I love playing guitar.”

Elena believed that “they will say that I work hard. Respect, am helpful, fun, intelligent and talented, because they have always told me that.”

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