Health Before School


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Some fresh air, some quiet time and some time alone can increase health and focus.

Mariela Guerra (PSA), Staff Writer

School can cause us an immense amount of stress and can consume a lot of our daily life. Doing well in school is important, but so is our health. We can get so caught up in our schoolwork and doing well that we might become oblivious to the effect it has on us and our bodies. While being conscious of our health is important, we might not pay attention to this while going through our daily lives. This is because so many of us are pressured to do well in high school, go to college, and have a good career. However, that can be done while being conscious of your health as well.

Stress affects us differently. For some, it causes headaches, low energy, upset stomach, aches/pains/muscle tense, and insomnia. Some people get all of these symptoms, others get none of these but do suffer from others.

Whether we are affected by mental health disorders or not, it’s important to be conscious of how our mental health is. Stress is inevitable. Too much can cause anxiety and be bad for health, but so can too little stress because it can cause depression. The key to staying away from problems caused by stress is to manage the stress.

It may seem like a hard thing to do when we are trying to study for tests and get assignments done on time. However, there are a variety of things we can do to help manage our stress, which can make a huge difference when it comes to mental health.

One of the most common tips is to complete assignments little by little. This is some advice we are constantly hearing for good reason; it is a very effective way to approach big projects. This reduces the amount of stress we feel because, rather than having to rush and do an assignment all at once, we know we have time to perfect the project and turn in something we are proud of.  

We can work on making small goals or spacing out long-term goals. This can be applied to anything that might cause stress. One example of how this can be applied to school is making small goals for long-term assignments. These work as checkpoints to help make sure people are on track and can help produce the best results.

You can also do this with any personal growth goals.  It’s also important to keep a positive mind set when it comes to school and personal growth. We tend to become overwhelmed by stress ourselves when we think we won’t complete something on time, and then we start to believe that it is true. This can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. However, it’s important to not get caught up on getting everything done at once. Giving ourselves breaks can help give our brain times to rest and recover from the work it has been doing. It can also help our success when studying; taking breaks while studying can help your brain retain the information more.  

Our physical health is as important as our mental health, and it can also be affected by school. We constantly rush to get to school on time or decide to do all our work at once. This consumes our thought process so much that we don’t take the few seconds to think about what our body needs. When we rush to get to school, we often leave out eating breakfast. When our body isn’t being taken care of, it makes it a lot harder to go through our daily lives.

There are simple things that can have a huge impact on our body, like eating properly, exercising, drinking enough water, and going outside. Taking care of the body is just as important as making sure grades are good. Not taking care of one’s body will make school work a lot harder than it needs to be.

During these last weeks, remember to take care of your body and put your health before school.

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