Paint Projects Provide Positive Perks

Seniors leave their mark on the campus on Thursday, May 23.

"Super Paint Girl Red"by wendipilling is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Seniors leave their mark on the campus on Thursday, May 23.

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Every senior has an opportunity to show off his or her artistic talent and be memorialized, at least for the next year, at the annual Blacktop Painting on Thursday, May 23.

This event has taken place for decades and stands as one of Armijo’s ways of honoring each year’s graduating class. It’s open to seniors only, and those participating must bring their own paint and clean up all the messes they’ve made.

No spray cans are allowed, only latex paint. All of the graphics and pictures students paint must be school appropriate, meaning there may be no gang signs, alcoholic or drug references or cussing. Those types of images will be painted over and lost forever.

Some of the popular designs from past years are sports related, college goals or representations of long-lasting friendships, so maybe they can serve as encouragement to the students from 2020 and beyond who are left behind.

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