Far from Home: New country, new goals


Adamari Delgado, Staff writer

Alejandro Barajas Chavez moved from Mexico to start a new chapter in his life. Barajas and a few members of his immediate family decided to make this life changing decision and have a more successful future.I think what I like the most about this change is simply the fact that I can grow, not only physically, but also as a person, for example in my studies and how I can be a better person in society,said Barajas.

There is a lot of things for Barajas to look forward to but does he see pros and cons about facing this new country in his everyday lifeMainly the most difficult thing is to think that you are going to face a new country with a new language surrounded by classmates and teachers that you aren’t familiar with,he said.

Even though Barajas is facing a new life with changing obstacles in his life, he has goals and dreams to reach. “I, more than anything, want to be happy and fulfilled,” he said. I want to finish my studies and be someone successful in life. I know it will not be easy but I will have a lot of dedication and fulfill all my responsibilities.”


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