Club Corner: Whatcha’ Plantin’?


Adamari Delgado, Staff Writer

The Garden Club has been welcoming passionate gardeners to get their hands in the
dirt and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.


Ms. Sylvia Herrera is one of the main founders of the Garden Club at Armijo High
School. It all started from a little seed of inspiration. Throughout her years of teaching,
Ms. Herrera developed this idea with her classes and fellow staff members. “What
inspired me to start this club is the fact that I am a gardener,” she said. “We garden at
my house and I consider this a very therapeutic and healing kind of learning. This isn’t
something you can just look up in the Internet or get straight out of the book. This is
something you need to go out and get your hands on to be able to catch the beauty of

Why a Garden Club?

There are various clubs to catch the attention of many, so out of all those clubs, why the
Garden Club? “People, including me, sometimes can have a lot of anxiety,” said Ms.
Herrera. “We all have busy lives and maybe even family issues, and this is where the
Garden Club comes in and lowers the anxiety. People who have a lot of anxiety and
stress tell me that, as soon as they set foot onto the garden, everything goes away and
everyone is happy working together digging. This is definitely a way to help with stress
and anxiety. This is absolutely a tranquil place in everyone’s busy world!”

Upcoming Events

On Thursday, April 25, during lunch, the Garden Club will be hosting an Earth Day
Garden Open House and they invite everyone to come and check out the club. Ms.
Herrera has partnered with different subject area members, including the Special
Education teachers and the art team. “We’re going to collaborate and put a big Frida
Kahlo mural in the back,” said Ms. Herrera.

What Will The Garden Club Be Planting Or Harvesting?

The club has actually planted some trees already: a lemon tree, a plum tree, an apple
tree, a raspberry bush, and blackberry bush. “I’m so excited to see those grow!” said
Ms. Herrera. It takes around two year for the apple to come and bloom but it’s all about
patience. “I just can’t wait to go and pick out a yummy apple and just start eating it,” she

The Garden Club is a great way for Armijo High School to get a taste of the benefits of
agriculture and Mother Nature. If anyone is interested in this club, make sure to stop by
and take a peek at this new opportunity. Feeling stressed or anxious? Come on over
and visit Ms. Herrera in F-5 or at the garden during events.

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