In this Class: ESS

Rajveer Sahota, Editor

Armijo offers a variety of biology classes to ensure that everyone gets placed into a class fit for them! One of these classes is Environmental Systems and Societies (also known as ESS) Standard Level. In this class, students study about humans and their effect on the world around them. Not only this, students also learn about things such as biodiversity and its importance. Rajveer Sahota, a senior taking the class, said,”Ms. Carter is a great teacher who makes the class very engaging! I am very glad that I took this class as it is so much more different than IB Biology HL.”


Students taking the class will take a test in the subject as well as other subjects to receive the IB diploma. The IB diploma allows for students to be able to get college credits which makes college much cheaper. In order to get the IB diploma, students have to write an IA similar to an extended lab report as one of the requirements.


On a day to day basis, they do labs and other assignments to help with understanding the concept.  Each year the ESS class takes a field trip to Suisun! The class is generally a mix of seniors and juniors striving for the IB diploma. The class is weighted as well giving your GPA an extra boost! If you have any question feel free to stop by Ms. Carter`s room!

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