Sibling Spotlight: Brothers Walk Two Distinct Paths

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Sharing a campus with a brother can be challenging, but for Xu and Nicholas Vang, it is a comfortable experience. “The best thing about having him on campus is that sometimes I could check up on him,” said Xu, who is one grade ahead of his brother. “Not a lot of people know they are related, and the brothers act more like close friends.

Since they are so close in age, it isn’t unusual that they’ve gone to most schools together, even though Xu has had a chance to lay the groundwork. They both went to Suisun Elementary School before moving on to Crystal Middle School and then Armijo.

While they’ve followed this path since they were little, they don’t plan on attending the same colleges. Xu is looking at either going straight to UC Riverside and majoring in Biology or going “the cheap route and going to Solano Community College and doing the bio-manufacturing program that they offer,” Xu said.

Nicholas, on the other hand, wants to go to film school. “I’m still thinking about what I want to do if film school doesn’t work out,” said Nicholas.

Their present interests are just as diverse as their futures. Xu likes to run, work out and just be active, while Nicholas prefers to play video games and be on his phone. Xu likes listening to music while Nicholas likes playing basketball, even though he thinks his brother would say he’s lazy.

Xu is part of Armijo’s Wrestling team. “I absolutely fell in love with the sport,” he said.

The family includes a couple of future Armijo students: Ryan (12) and April (7).