Far from Home: These Brothers Have Each Other’s Back

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Rony and Aderson Lopez Jimenez have only been in the United States for a few months, and they are still struggling with the language, but being at Armijo has provided them with a consistent opportunity to learn and prepare for their future.

They left behind a beautiful home town, according to Aderson, for economic reasons, but it meant leaving behind the people who were important to them.  Rony said that he also misses the music that he would listen to in Guatemala. His favorite type of music is Banda while Aderson said that he prefers Christian music.

After graduating, Aderson said that he would like to go to college but he also plans to work and help out his parents.  Rony is looking at becoming a teacher or a coach, but for now his focus is on passing his classes at Armijo as he learns English.

The brothers both enjoy playing soccer and both said that they would like to travel home in the future to help their parents out. They are committed to the well-being of their parents and have that as the encouragement to their educational goals.


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