Keep Calm and Take a Hike

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Keep Calm and Take a Hike

Mariela Guerra (PSA), Staff writer

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Hiking can serve many people as a way of de-stressing and getting in some daily exercise. Many people choose this activity because it’s a way to exercise while being in nature. It also serves as a get-away from the daily routine. Even locally, there are some great places to take advantage of this activity.

Rockville Hills Regional Park is located at 2149 Rockville Rd in Fairfield. People like this park to go on hikes or ride along the bike trails, and they flock there for the views it offers. Dogs are allowed, but here is no off leash areas. For the most part the rangers are helpful and the park is maintained nicely. Rockville Hills Regional Park is open from 6:15 am to 8 pm all week long and there is a fee to park in the lot.

Rush Ranch Open Space is located at 3521 Grizzly Island Rd in Suisun City. Rush Ranch is known for being a fun and interactive location, especially for children. They have upcoming events, like Rush Ranch Open House on Saturday, April 27. All of their events are listed online and can be found with a quick Google search of Rush Ranch.  

Rolling Hills Park, located at 3500 Glenwood Drive in Fairfield, is more of a neighborhood park than the previous two. This park has a basketball court, grass area, and playgrounds, offering a lot for the visitors to do, making it a great location for family days.

Lynch Canyon Open Space at 3100 Lynch Rd has grassy hills, small picnic spots, and trails. They also have various events, like Earth Day Volunteer events on Monday, April 22. Parking is $6 and, while there is various wildlife to observe, including cows and birds, this park is short on shade.  

These areas offer many opportunities to take advantage of the warmer, and longer, days and the range of activities are sure to appeal to an equally impressive range of tastes.  

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