College Focus: A Strong Background

There are so many reasons to choose this famous California University.

There are so many reasons to choose this famous California University.

Modified from The Armijo Signal, November 2014, Mayank Mahotra

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Is USC the college for you? The University of Southern California is a private non- profit research university located in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1880 by the help of Judge Robert M. Widney.

USC takes on a heavy load, being California’s oldest private research university. It has educated a vast number of business leaders and professionals over the years, leveraging its location in Los Angeles to establish relationships with many research and cultural institutions throughout the world. In 2008, USC got the privilege to be in the Top 10 Dream Colleges. According to, in 2018, International students, from 87 countries, made up 17% of those admitted.

In 2018, the oldest freshman admitted was 29 while the youngest was 15. About 20,000 academic students were fortunate to be enrolled in the four- year undergraduate programs. USC also accommodates nearly 27,500 graduate and professional students in a number of different programs including business, law, social work, and medicine.

For anybody interested in public safety, USC offers a Department of Public Safety (DPS), one of the largest university law enforcement agencies in the nation. The DPS headquarters is located on the University Park campus, and there is a substation on the Health Sciences campus.

For its sports teams, words alone cannot possibly describe the success they have received over the years. All told, USC’s Olympians have won 635 places on Olympic teams, and have taken home 135 gold medals, 88 silver and 65 bronze ( That is more than the countries of Brazil, Greece, Mexico and more.

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