Day of Silence Is a Protest against Violence

Ms. Vanessa Walling-Sisi, GSA Adviser

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Armijo High School’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is sponsoring the 2019 “Day of Silence” to remember victims of anti-lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGTB) violence. Participants will stay silent Friday, April 12, to remember the voices that have been silenced forever. A gathering of participants will meet at lunch Friday in the annex quad.

Students who are interested in participating, pick up a card and sticker in E-3, supporters who cannot remain silent because of presentations or other commitments may pick up a sticker to show their support also. Ms. Vanessa Walling-Sisi, GSA adviser, will be giving out materials all day.

Teachers are encouraged to show support by wearing a sticker and pin, but also by understanding why participating students may not be speaking in class. Participants will all be told that if a teacher requires they speak, they must break their silence and respect the teacher’s requirement.


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