Guess the Mystery Person, Get a Movie Ticket

Josh Eccles

Josh Eccles

Adamari Delgado, Staff writer

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Let’s introduce our Mystery Person for the beginning of April 2019!

This mystery someone has been attending Armijo since she was a freshman and said that she truly enjoys it, except that she wishes the campus wasn’t so spaced out, especially since it’s tiring for her to walk around all day in her Aerospace ROTC uniform

“I really love doing photography because seeing things is so nice and being able to have it forever. It’s awesome!” she said.

This Mystery Person has a few things that she is proud of. One of them is being able to obtain a job as the youngest in her family

If this person could travel anywhere in the entire world, she said it would have to be, “Laos, APAC because that’s where my family is from and I would like to go back and experience how my parents grew up. It would just be nice!”

The last Mystery Person was Joshua Eccles who remained a mystery during the last two weeks of March.

If you know the Mystery Person for these two weeks, be the first person to go to G-10 to identify him or her. You will receive a free movie ticket at Edwards Theater. Only one prize per issue will be awarded. Journalism students or club members and Armijo teachers and staff do not qualify. Armijo’s Mystery Person will be presented between September and May. Submission cannot be taken during class time but will be accepted between classes, before and after school.

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