Three siblings, two grades, one happy family

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The oldest member of the Caro Torres family at Armijo is Orlando. He has two younger siblings who attend the school, but he is only a sophomore. His brother and sister, Rafael and Carolina, are twins in the freshman class. Their younger sister is only seven and goes to Fairview Elementary.

Orlando and Rafael share a PE class but that is the only class the Caro Torres siblings share nowadays. They have gone to school together for most of their lives, though. They started at David Weir, but moved to Suisun Elementary after that. Then, they were at Crystal Middle School, with Orlando forging the way. Now they are together at Armijo. “I plan to attend college with my siblings,” said Rafael.

That might sound like a plan, but the overall goals for each student. Orlando plans to go to Solano Community College after he graduates from Armijo but wants to eventually go to Sacramento State and continue participating in Track and Field. Carolina is considering joining the Marines after graduating from Armijo. Rafael admitted that he might go to college, but he wants to either go into the military or become a professional boxer.

Orlando and Carolina said that they both enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Both Rafael and Orlando enjoy sports and working out. Orlando is especially fond of running and is part of the Track and Field team. Carolina is part of the JROTC Armed Drill Team where she is a drill commander, and she plans to try out for soccer in her sophomore year.

When asked what their siblings might say about them, they all agreed that they would only respond with positive ideas. “I think they would say that I am strong, tough, respectful, mean sometimes, a fun person, loud,” said Rafael, “because they know who I am.”