Two on the Court

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Claudia Abarra and Taciana Bynum work together to create an awesome doubles team in badminton. “It’s my sport since I was in elementary school,” said Abarra. “I’ve been playing on the AHS team for two years.”

A team is made up of two complementary players and each has their strengths. For Abarra, it is clearing the birdie while Bynum is more talented at smashing.

“I like playing as a doubles because we work together and communicate,” said Abarra. “Playing single is a lot of work. No one’s going to help you but yourself, so you have to stay focused.” She said that every game is memorable. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment,” she said. “I take the moment and make it perfect.” While she would suggest other students do the same, she also suggests that they “always give your best, and trust yourself no matter what. Stay positive!”

While she enjoys the sport, Abarra admits that she will stop playing competitively after she graduates high school. She will, however, probably continue doing some of the other things she likes today, like travelling and doing outdoor activities. “I don’t have any plans yet, but I want to go to college in the Philippines,” said Abarra.

While her role models are her parents, she may be serving as role models for her younger brothers, Carl, who is one year old, and Charles, who is 12.

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