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According to www.HowManyofMe.com, there are 11,515 people in the United States named Daniela. It is, statistically, the 1798th most common first name. Pair that with the last name Gonzalez (728,955 people in the U.S.), the 23rd most popular name, and one would think that there are hundreds of people with the name Daniela Gonzalez. Statistically, though, there are only about 26. That may seem interesting, but what are the odds that two of those girls would be freshmen at Armijo?

Armijo’s two Daniela Gonzalez have met each other and, for a couple of days, they were both in the same Spanish class, although they currently don’t share any classes. They do, however, share the same nickname, Dani. It can be a little complicated when you share a first and last name, but fortunately the girls don’t share their middle initial. “My mom was told she wasn’t on my emergency contact list to take me out of school,” said Daniela B. “But they had the wrong Daniela.”

While the girls share a name and a graduating class, they are each unique. Daniela A.’s family is from Venezuela and new to the United States, but Daniela B.’s family has been here for a while and her older sister Daiana graduated from Armijo last year. Daniela B. intends to join the marines when she graduates from high school, but Daniela A. is looking at college. ‘I’m not sure about where, but I want to study chemical engineering,” she said.

Neither girl is particular about her music tastes, but both are making connections on campus. Daniela B. is in Color Guard and Daniela A. is in Leadership. “I’d love to be a cheerleader the next year,” said Daniela B. “I want to practice something related to dance.”

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