Armijo Volunteers With Habitat for Humanity

A Habitat for Humanity

A Habitat for Humanity

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In early February, Habitat for Humanity had a project building a house for veterans on South Jackson Street in Fairfield. For at several days, they were working on a six-bedroom, three-bathroom, Craftsman-style home for six local veterans.

The idea for a large home for veterans was suggested a few years ago when the Habitat for Humanity board members met with Community Action North Bay’s executive director, Ruth Matz. They decided to team up together to make the 2,500 square foot idea a reality. So far, it looks like it will happen around summer.

The collective team of volunteers, including Jamie Calderwood, retired shop teacher at Benicia Middle School; Esmeralda Perez, Armijo senior; Al Madalena, retired Armijo shop teacher; and others. They were guided by Mark Baides, the project manager, and Hiro Yamada, who helped the younger volunteers. The Construction Club at Armijo has been part of these events for several years.

According to an article in the Daily Republic called “A Place for Veterans to Call Home : Habitat for Humanity, Community Action North Bay Pair Up for Build,Amy Maginnis-Honey said that this building is the second home that Habitat for Humanity has made for Joe Grunditz, a retired veteran who served 23 years for the US Air Force.

Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity are always encouraged and welcomed to contact for more information.


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