All in a Name: You Don’t Know Jack

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  • Lilian Jack - ID photo

  • Jack Nygard - Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis

    Joel Bejarano Alanis

  • Jack Stanley - Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis

    Joel Bejarano Alanis

  • Jack Curry - Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis

    Joel Bejarano Alanis

  • Jhanae Jacks - ID Photo

  • Joshua Jacks - Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis

    Joel Bejarano Alanis

When we are little, we hear nursery rhymes and stories that feature characters named Jack. There’s Jack be nimble; Jack and Jill; Jack Frost; Jack in the Box. There are famous actors like Jack Black and Jack Lemmon; famous athletes like Jack Dempsey and Jack Swagger. And how can we forget Jack Jack from The Incredibles.

But if you don’t know the students who share that name with these famous characters, you don’t know Jack!

Jack Curry, for instance, was named after John F. Kennedy. Kennedy went by the moniker “Jack,” and so does his namesake at Armijo. When people hear this nickname, they often respond with “Hi!” You know, as in “Hi Jack!” Think about it…

Curry has cousins who have attended Armijo (Jenny – ’09, Michael – ’11, and Danny – ’13) as well as a sister, Grace who graduated last year. He does know Fairfield City Councilman Jack Batson, and he also is friends with the other two boys named Jack.

One of those boys is Jack Nygard. He said that there was no particular reason that his parents named him Jack and nobody has said much about it being an unusual name. Like his friend Jack Curry, Jack Nygard has some family connections to Armijo. His uncle and some of his cousins have attended Armijo and he, his brother and one cousin will all graduate from the school in 2020.

The other boy named Jack is Jack Stanley. He and Nygard share a lot of their classes together and are headed in similar directions. While Stanley did not share where he was going to school in the future, Nygard did say that he wants to go to Oregon State University to study either Business Management or Crime & Justice. If he does go there, he won’t be far from Curry who wants to attend the University of Portland and study to become a pharmacist.

While the three Jacks are close to each other, they are not the only people who bear that name. One student, Lilian Jack, attends for first period Choir. A brother and sister pair, Joshua and Jhanae, come close to being Jacks. In fact, that is their last name – J-A-C-K-S.

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