Does food play a large role in your culture? How and why?

Photos by Joel Bejarano Alanis (and IDs)

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  • Freshman Janeil Rosemon: "Yes, it does. Even though I'm from Hawaii, my mom's side is Filipino and she cooks a lot of that type of food."

  • Freshman Benjamin Alvarez Alanis: "No, it doesn't."

  • Sophomore Annabelle Romo: "Ummm, no."

  • Sophomore Jayden Ayers: "Yes, it does, because where I'm from, it's good no matter what it is."

  • Junior Lilian Nguyen: "Yes, because I eat what my parents make and it's from their culture."

  • Junior Aaron Valladares-Garcia: "No, not really."

  • Senior Taylor Eckroate: "No, not at all."

  • Senior Jose Ortiz: "Yeah, it does because it makes everyone a different person."

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