What do you do to help your community?

How do you grow as a person?

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  • Freshman Kai Luna: "I clean up after myself; I lean from my mistakes." (Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis)

  • Freshman Olivia Thompson: "I do my part by helping those in need, by giving help with school work to others and picking up garbage when I see it. I grow by trying new things and taking risks, by going out of my comfort zone." (Photo by Kailani Ford-Bangad)

  • Sophomore Ryan Ramirez: "I throw my trash in the garbage, and learn from my mistakes. "(ID Photo)

  • Sophomore Lupe Ponce: "I grow as a person by overcoming my obstacles and learning from mistakes." (Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis)

  • Junior Alejandro Mena: "I volunteer at Woodshop for Community Services and I grow by learning off of experiences." (Photo by Joel Bejarano Alanis)

  • Junior Yzabel Martinez: "In my community I try to help others as much as I can, and I grow each time I help someone new," (Photo by Kailani Ford-Bangad)

  • Senior Luis Fernando Naranjo Silva: "To help my community, I should help them if they need something." (Photo by Kailani Ford-Bangad)

  • Senior Emma Salazar: "I help with math and it makes me a more confident person." (ID Photo)

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