Sibling Spotlight: The Beginning of the Powell Dynasty

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Although they are a year apart, Isaac and Isaiah Powell have been in school together for almost their whole lives. This year they even share their third period class together (ROTC). In a few years, they believe that they will end up in college together. Isaiah said that they will probably go to Arizona for their freshman year and then they will both be in the Air Force together.

“The best thing about having a brother with me is that we have each other’s back, and that he is one of my best friends,” said Isaiah. Because they are so close, they enjoy doing sports together and they are on the football team together. “There’s nothing bad about (sharing the campus) except waiting for him after practice,” said Isaac.

While both enjoy football, Isaac said that he also participates in track while Isaiah participates in wrestling. Isaac also likes wrestling and basketball and plays piano and guitar. They both like movies and Isaiah said that his favorites are action movies. They are both involved in church and Isaac said that he is part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) on campus.

Next year, the Powell brothers will share the campus with their younger sister. They also have two younger brothers who are currently 10 and 8.

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