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Gayle Hesser

Gayle Hesser, Staff writer

Gayle Hesser is someone who practices in the arts. She is someone who takes pride in her work, poetry and music. She plays electric guitar, and appreciates a good ballad. She cannot paint, but loves and admires a fine piece of art. She is someone you’d see, roaming a library or art gallery in her free time. 

Gayle was a private kid, as life seemed was a mess to her. She was born quite poor to two teachers, and didn’t have the best family life. She grew up by the sea, near a wrecking yard, and a brown lake she was always scared of. As a child, Gayle was good at everything. Smart, artistic, creative, athletic, the perfect kid. 

Now there are not many things Gayle is good at. She is emotionally intelligent, but irrational and hard to understand. She doesn’t know what triggered it -- maybe it was the pressure, or maybe it was the stress -- but she just buckled, and she couldn’t do it anymore. 

Gayle is a survivor in her mind but, along with that, she is also a victim, and she makes the choice every day to decide which one she wants to be. She knows a lot about her past -- remembers it, too -- but doesn’t know who she was, or what she could have been. She just knows what she became to be, and sees herself one way: different, a missing puzzle piece. She believes that she is growing better every day, but feels that she makes too many mistakes. 

Every story has it's redemption, and Gayle still believes that storyline is being formed. She loves her new school, her new friends, and her beautiful hometown. Her family has grown to love her and she has grown to appreciate them. She stares out at the gaps of sunlight everyday, feeling the heat bathe on her face. It calms her when she’s stressed, and relieves her when she’s shy. She always finds a way out.

And for her, this storyline she wonders about. She asks herself how far does it go until it ends? Who makes the ultimate decision? It’s all, the story of being complete.

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Gayle Hesser