Review and Reflect

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Review and Reflect

Mariela Guerra (PSA), Staff Writer

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To make successful New Year resolutions, we need to take into account how the previous year went. To do this, we should focus on where we are and how we got here.

It’s important to reflect on key moments in this past year. That includes achievements, positive moments, and even some bad moments or mistakes. At the beginning of 2018, what did you want to accomplish? What goals and resolutions did you have? We start off the year with goals and resolutions because we want to actually make a change to our lifestyles.

The next step is to actually complete these goals and implement these changes. Did these changes help and make a big difference or did you continue on without them? Sometimes, our goals make a big impact on our lives and help us improve. At other times, these have smaller impacts or none at all. The outcome of these goals can help us decide whether it’s something we want to stick with or let go.

The key moments that we go reflect on can help us improve and grow in 2019. Most people want to forget and move on from any rough patches that they went through. While it’s important to move on, it’s also important to reflect and learn from these rough patches and mistakes. What struggles did you go through in this past year? Would it have been better to handle it differently? How are you going to avoid these situations in the future? It’s important to avoid these situations or learn how to handle them better so
that, in the future, we can make surviving these struggles easier.

Finding highlights of this last year can help us figure out what other goals we want to work towards. Accomplishments don’t have to be huge, they could simply be things that made us happy. If you accomplished something in 2018 that had a positive effect on your life, you should consider working towards similar goals in the New Year. Determining what you did that made you happy will help push you in the right direction
for this New Year.

Before you make a new list of resolutions and jump into the New Year, take time and look back on 2018. Focus on what you did, how you grew, and how you want to grow. Make your resolution fit who you are now, and make the best of the New Year. And if you fail, don’t give up or wait another 52 weeks to start again. Learn from your mistakes immediately and move ahead. Make 2019 your best year yet!

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