Teacher of the Year

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Teacher of the Year

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“I felt honored to be selected as Teacher of the Year because I really love my job and what I do,” said Ms. Anna Vieira, the chairperson of the Special Education department. “To be recognized by my peers makes it even more rewarding. I have the opportunity to work with amazing teachers that I truly respect.”

“I hope that I have contributed to Armijo students by instilling in them how to be independent young adults and by encouraging students to explore new avenues,” she said. “I also help run the Armijo Buxx store on Fridays during lunch- come check it out!”

Ms. Vieira graduated from Will C. Wood High School and was one of the first members of Future Teachers of America club. As a member of that club, she volunteered at an elementary school to tutor students. Next, she attended Solano Community College before moving on to UC Davis where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree. While teaching at Armijo, she earned her teaching credential as an Education Specialist and a MA degree from Brandman University.

Before teaching at Armijo, Ms. Vieira worked at a preschool as a paraprofessional in Yolo County. She also interned with a Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist as she explored career paths. “While interning, it helped me solidify my decision to pursue teaching because I liked being able to focus on multiple subject areas rather than one specific skill,” she said.

Ms. Vieira has been at Armijo for thirteen years, teaching Vocational English, Vocational Math, Vocational Life Skills, Government and Community and Health. “I have a lot of favorite memories from working at Armijo but two stick out in my mind as proud moments. They are watching one of my students receive the Armijo Student of the Year award, and another student receive the ESS award from the SELPA. I also really enjoy when students come back or make contact and tell me their success stories.”

“Teaching is a very rewarding career and every day is different,” she said. For those who are interested in the career, Ms. Vieira would remind students “that there is hard work involved in getting your BA/BS and credential but well worth the work… I would encourage future teachers to explore what grade level or subject area they would most enjoy and follow that path.”

Teaching is a perfect job for Ms. Vieira as she enjoys summer and winter sports. “I love water skiing, wakeboarding and camping.  During the winter I enjoy snowboarding and snow tubing,” she said. “I enjoy spending time with my family on the weekends and during the summer months.”

I look forward to many more years at Armijo High School; I consider this my “home away from home.”


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