Part of the Team, Part of Her Life

Itzel Lopez Medina - PSA, Staff Writer

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Soccer is a sport that anyone can come together to play. Talent isn’t a necessary for having fun, but it is important for competition. Evelin Rodriguez has the talent to be competitive, but she also plays the game for fun.

“I enjoy soccer because it is a way to escape from all your stress,” said Rodriguez. “Once you’re on the field you forget about everything. All you think about is the game.”

With this in mind, Rodriguez said that she would tell people who want to play soccer to not be afraid to try it, to be confident and to try new things. “Give your 100%. No matter the circumstances, never get frustrated and just play your game, enjoy it,” she said. “Lastly, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it, play harder to prove them wrong!”

Soccer is a team sport and it is important that the team members work together. Rodriguez is still pretty new to the team, having played on the junior varsity team last year, “but everyone was very welcoming,” she said. “They make sure to include you in everything. We all help each other out and check each other in what we need to improve in.”

Rodriguez grew up in a household where both parents played soccer, and that influenced her pursuit of the sport. “All we watched on TV was soccer,” she said. “I think that was a big influence on me, which is why I am so passionate for it. Not only that but the game itself, the adrenaline and the excitement when you’re on the field is priceless!”

The level of competition is high, and Rodriguez feels that it has pushed her to succeed, an outcome that she loves. She also enjoys the satisfaction she gets walking off a field with a win, knowing that she earned it

“I definitely would want to do soccer in the future,” said Rodriguez. “I would love to earn a scholarship for it and play soccer for a college, and maybe even pursue it as a career if possible.”

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