Junior Class President – Jazlynn De La Cruz

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Junior Class President – Jazlynn De La Cruz

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Jazlynn De La Cruz, the president of the Class of 2020, is not new to student government. She started in elementary school and knew that she wanted to continue in high school because she loves being involved with what’s going on in the school.

She would encourage others to become involved through leadership. “Do it! It’s a lot of fun,” she said, although she suggested that potential officers be flexible.

As president, De La Cruz is responsible for many things. She runs the class meetings, helps people who have questions, meets with her fellow officers and advisers, and plans fundraisers and events. While she was elected to serve as president, she said that she would have been willing to serve in any position. “Honestly, I just wanted to be a class officer,” she said. “The position didn’t really matter. We all are equal.”

As far as what roles the officers play, there’s not too much work. “When it comes to class decisions, the officers do the planning so it’s on you, but in a good way,” said De La Cruz. “You grow a bond with people.”

 While serving as a class officer takes up a lot of time, De La Cruz has found time to do so much more on and off campus. She has served as a cheerleader and as a commissioner for the Faculty Friends program. She has managed the baseball team’s stats and works at the Yacht Club. In her free time, she enjoys baking homemade treats.

After graduation, De La Cruz has several goals. She said that she would like to go to Arizona and travel, and possibly become a teacher, or she might major in criminal justice. “I’d rather not make a decision now and then change my mind,” she said.

De La Cruz has a younger brother, Anthony, who is 13. Her role models are her aunt and her mother. 

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