Snow Sports

Rachel Liu, Entertainment Editor, Co-Editor in Chief

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Winter Exclusives!

With the start of winter comes the first snow! In Fairfield, it’s a little harder to find snow around, but that doesn’t mean that snow sports aren’t nearby. There are plenty of ski resorts and destinations for those who want to play in the soft snow. However, skiing isn’t the only thing you can do in the snow!

Most people know about the basic winter sports: skiing and snowboarding. These sports require specific equipment that you buy or rent. Ice skating and ice hockey are two other winter sports that find their home on the ice, rather than the piles of snow. Snow sports promise the same amount of exhilaration and adrenaline that any other sport would, but with the added bonus of the magical winter wonderland atmosphere. Skating can be enjoyed with family and friends or done professionally! Remember to have fun and enjoy your time before the snow melts away come the spring.

Although they don’t really fall into the category of sports, you could always do other activities in the snow! Snowball fights are always a welcome activity, along with sledding along the hills of snow. Don’t forget to build a snowman too!

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